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Introducing the first "Made For Cinema" Call Processing Solutions!

Say goodbye to answering machines, inflexible telephone company voice mail and expensive specialized equipment!  With Call My Cinema you have prompt professional call handling available to every customer while saving money!

  • Every Call Answered Promptly!
  • Stop Losing Business to Busy Signals!
  • No Equipment To Buy or Maintain1
  • Use Phone For Outbound Calls At The Same Time!
  • World-Class Co-located Data Centers
  • Eliminate Multiple Telephone Lines
  • Update Your Announcements Remotely
  • Voice Menu Tree Options For Large Complexes
  • Monthly Statistical Reporting
  • 24/7 System Monitoring and Repair
Call My Cinema
$12 / month
Call My Cinema
$23 & up / month
2300+ Rate Centers and Local Calling Areas
True flat-rate service with unlimited inbound calling (termination) is available in over 2300 different local calling areas across the US. 
Up to 20 callers at a time!
Calls are promptly answered and your crystal clear digitally recorded message up to 5 minutes in length is played for each caller.  Each caller hears the message from it's beginning to end or until they hang up or select another option with enhanced services.
Number Porting
We can port your existing movie information number to our service and continue your existing business white page listing in many markets.  Alternatively you can forwarding your calls and maintain your existing line for outbound calling purposes.  The choice is yours! 
*Number porting involves a one-time charge.
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Multiple Greetings and Announcements
Callers can easily drill-down the specific information they're looking for! Show times, directions, pricing and other information are each recorded separately and only require re-recording when specific information changes or updates are desired.  Update your weekly show times without re-recording all your other information!
Multiple Phone Number Support
Do you have multiple locations in several different local calling areas?  Add additional local numbers for low flat monthly rates. Your callers can get information about any of your locations with one local call!
*This service is subject to additional monthly charges.
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Live Call Transfer Back by Internet
Callers can reach your box office attendant or personnel without hanging up or calling another number!  Calls are delivered to you by your hi-speed internet connection and are free of charge with the one time purchase of a low cost compatible adapter or digital telephone set.

*This service requires the purchase of compatible hardware and an existing high-speed internet connection with sufficient available bandwidth.
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Live Call Transfer Back to Phone Number
Don't have a high-speed internet connection available but still want your callers to have the ability to reach a live person?  We can route calls to your office line, cell phone or other alternate number at a very low per-minute measured rate.  Distinct caller I.D. information alerts you and differentiates these calls from other calls you may receive on these lines.
*This service is subject to monthly and per-minute usage charges.
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Free Back Office Voicemail and VoiceE-Mail
Don't miss those important questions and opportunities to help your guests with their special requests and needs!  Office voicemail permits your callers to leave a message.  Delivered to your email inbox as a sound file attachment your messages are available to you wherever you can check your email.  When combined with our optional live call services utilizing a compatible adapter or digital telephone set messages are also available by traditional voicemail.
Inexpensive outbound calling
Call anywhere in the 48-contiguous United States and Canada for less than 2 cents per minute.  Your calls are connected through Tier 1 carrier class providers for superb quality.
*This service requires the purchase of compatible hardware and an existing high-speed internet connection with sufficient available bandwidth.
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A flat rate of $12.00 per month for 20 simultaneous/concurrent calls is available in over 2600 rate centers across the U.S.A2!

1 No equipment is required for call answering and announcement services, however, origination and termination of calls from and into your facilities may require additional equipment and/or interface equipment for additional call processing capabilities.
Voice menu options, call forwarding, routing, termination and other optional services are additional.  $12 flat rate available in limited areas.  Service available in thousands of additional rate centers at competitive rates.  Channel limit or per minute rate charges may apply in certain rate centers.  Ask for full details.

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